Welcome to an Olenka's artistic portfolio

Hello! I am Olenka Verezovska

My camera lens is a passageway to the soul. Born and raised in Ukraine, I have a zest for life and a passion for photography. Daily mother-daughter moments inspire me to capture the essence of those I photograph so that special moments may live on.

Art Photography & Portraits

I make artistic visions come to life through careful staging and planning resulting in your own, unique masterpiece. You may even choose to immerse yourself as the subject of a classic painting, perhaps adding a modern twist.

Food Photography

I have an appreciation for great food and a knack for photographing it! My portfolio includes restaurant menus and advertisements for restaurants and caterers.

Family & Child Photography

I delight in working with people whether creating a newborn’s first images, seizing a moment in time from children and family, to capturing the journey of life in the elderly. I celebrate cultures and encourage attire from your heritage. And, you may select locations meaningful to you and your family.